2| The People Saying America Wasn't A Strong Option were 100% Wrong! with Sanja Tomasević

The People Saying America Wasn't A Strong Option were 100% Wrong! with Sanja Tomasević


In 2007 or maybe it was 2008... I was scouring Facebook...

I was looking for young athletes that were business minded.I contacted several people online that I had spoken to through my agency, Elite Volley Agency, and found it hard to find many at all.

One of the few that responded IMMEDIATELY was Sanja Tomasevic. She responded in short with…

"Oh, heck yeah, I’m in! Let’s talk! (Or something similar.. ;)"

Funny how ambitious people show themselves quickly and take action fast!

Fast forward 6 years Sanja’s entrepreneurial inclinations have her working on a super project and on her 2nd post as an assistant coach at the D1 level for UTSU in Texas and now University of Miami Canes. There’s much to come from her in the future because she has big goals and has accomplished many of them already.

Find out in this episode what she has done as an athlete and student along with her story coming from Serbia to America to play and study!

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Sanja grew up in Serbia and played volleyball for Jedinstvo Užiće.

Went to college a U of Washington earning a National Champion title and was a 2x All American.

She played for top pro teams in Italy, South Korea, Puerto Rico, Greece, Azerbaijan & Switzerland.

Helped the Serbian National team qualify for the 2008 Beijing Olympics (Didn’t go because she moved to USA because of green card offer and chance to go to a NCAA school!)

Currently coaching for a top Division 1 NCAA team, University of Miami and previously for UT San Antonio.

Key Discussion Points:

  • What’s her story?
  • How she got into sports and volleyball?
  • Why she became a coach?
  • What made you consider to go to USA school and how that happened?
  • What benefit did you see from going to school in America?
  • What was your biggest failure?
  • If there was any a-ha moment in volleyball, what it was?
  • As a player have you had any rituals that can be helpful
  • What qualities she looks for in players for her school as an assistant coach?
  • Greatest challenge in coaching?
  • What are your major plans?
  • Who she would interview and why?

Key Lessons:

  • The opportunity to study in the USA was better than being an Olympian…

  • She had to consider the advice of others...
  • Getting injured in her country didn’t stop USA schools from recruiting her…

“What makes me mad about Serbian perception about American volleyball… They all think...people & coaches (whom) are mentors to these young kids tell them that ‘volleyball is bad (in America)’... USA is the top 2 powerhouses in the world. Who do you think plays for the American national team? Serbians?! I just wish people would give more credit, where credit is due!”

  • Going to a USA opened doors that never would’ve been open like.. (Listen Now :)

  • How NOT training in the off-season & during breaks almost COST HER EVERYTHING…

  • Why failing made her stronger and helped her become a leader…

  • What she can learn from losing…


  • Why having rituals was important as an athlete…

  • How she must be if she wants to be a great coach...i don’t have control

“...I don’t have (total) control.”

  • It’s rewarding to keep her sport in her life while coaching…


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Business/Work: Entrepreneurial Project In-Progress & Assistant Coach @ U. of Miami Canes Women's Volleyball

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