#28 How To Sleep, Recover & Move Better with Kevin CANN

#28 How To Sleep, Recover & Move Better with Kevin CANN

February 7, 2015 | Expert GamePlan Session

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Today is a Game Plan session With Kevin CANN. He is currently one of the guest bloggers on one of the biggest PALEO Blogs in American and as well as for a great strength and conditioning site. We will be discussing the importance of sleep when it comes to our peak performance and recovery which actually takes up to 48 hours for our bodies to do so, the optimal amount of sleep we need, hormones, magnesium, ways to avoid being deficient in Vitamin D, and we’ll even talk about a few exercises recommended to everyone out there .



  • Born, Kevin CANN, on July 26, 1983.

  • Masters in Kinesiology, Bachelors in Nutrition, and a Certified Holistic Nutritionist

  • Has coached everyone from elite athletes to general population


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“A wise man changes his mind often, a fool never.” -Spanish Proverb

Key Discussion Points

  • What is your Health Philosophy?

  • What are your thoughts on the importance of sleep and Vitamin D?

  • What is the importance of this “black out” during sleep time?

  • The negative effects of blue light?

  • What is the significance of a magnesium bath?

  • What are your thoughts on breathing exercises? Pre and Post workout?

  • What are recommendations of getting the Vitamin D we need other than natural sunlight?

  • What nutritional tips do you have for the morning time and immediately AFTER intense training?

  • What types of carbohydrates would be better in the evening?

  • Do you think all athletes (high school, college level, up to pro) should be looking at their nutrition the same as a retired or non athlete?

  • What are your thoughts on eating clean vs the “organic” label?

  • What is a way to get around “early specialization” in just one sport?

  • For the 14-20 yr old range group, what are good exercises they should be doing outside of their sport that they are doing 3-4x per week?

  • What are some key tips regarding form when doing squats or deadlifts?

  • What are good mobility exercises or stretches EVERYONE should be doing EVERYDAY?

  • What has you most excited these days?

Key Lessons

  • There is much more to getting yourself in shape than just hopping on the treadmill

  • Sleep is a top priority in being healthy

“If there is anything that needs to be fixed, if somebody wants to lose weight, increase performance, that’s definitely at the top of my list.” KC @ 7:14

  • There is a difference between a 48hr recovery and a 72 hours recovery

“If I can get my athletes to recover in 48hrs, I can get more quality training sessions.” KC @ 7:35

  • When our sleep is interrupted, it affects our recovery process, as it is important to get 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep

  • Our body can sense ANY type of light while we are trying to sleep, and it confuses our brain thinking it may still be day time, which can mess with our hormones

  • Magnesium baths are a great way athletes can relax the body and mind; contributing to recovery from intense training

  • All electronics containing any blue light should be shut off at least an hour before bedtime

  • Depending on where you live, its good to get 30-60 minutes of natural sunlight exposure

  • Find a way to get your Vitamin D levels checked

“I recommend that people get their Vitamin D levels checked twice per year, look at those values and build from there.” KC @ 15:43

  • A good amount of protein with fruit in the morning and avoiding starchy veggies is a well balanced meal to start the day

  • Pre Workout meals aren’t as big of a deal as a Post workout meal

“Its a 48hr process, we are continually burning those glycogen stores for 48hrs, so making sure we get that post workout shake, with carbohydrates is important..but we need to make sure that those carbs. and proteins are still in line for the meals following that workout program.” KC @ 17:29

  • Elite athletes will take in a bit more protein than non athletes

  • When shopping from local farmers markets and local businesses, you are pretty guaranteed to getting some high quality products

  • Athletes ranging from 14-20yrs old should know basic techniques of olympic lifting

  • Learn how to control your posture when weight lifting

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What is your opinion of an optimal Day/Night for an athlete?
Wake up, good breakfast, mobility drills, drinking water throughout the day, lunch (pre workout),
afternoon workout, breathing drills, post workout nutrition shake, meal, snack, magnesium bath, lights out, 7-9 hours of sleep, Repeat.

What book would you give away as a gift?
Anything that Charlie Francis has ever written

A learning resource you love to use…
Mike Boyle’s StrenghtCoach.com

Give a tool/habit you love to use to stay healthy:
I try to practice what I preach

In the offseason, what are some exercises you would do a couple times a week to stay in shape?
A couple days a week, 2 of the 3 days, pick a lift, do it that day, and energy system training for the off season just to maintain some conditioning. Maybe some conditioning is playing another sport.

Is there any concern you have or tip you can give to add value to people?
I would tell people to sleep more

If you had a do over, knowing everything you do now, what few things would you have changed?
I would have taken my nutrition, sleep, and workouts more seriously

Recommended Resources:
Mike Boyle’s StrenghtCoach.com
Anything that Charlie Francis has ever written

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Director of Strength and Conditioning at Total Performance Sports, just outside of Boston.
Blogger for fitness blog, BreakingMuscle.com as well as a Paleo Blog, RobbWolf.com


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Definition of An Athlete?

"An elite level athlete should be one that actually leads by example and always pays it forward."-KC

Some Words of Wisdom

“Eat Well, sleep well, train hard but train smart” -KC


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