3 | How To Achieve Something Great & Be Respected with Brankica Mihajlović

Ep 3 How To Achieve Something Great & Be Respected with Brankica Mihajlović

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About three months ago Mira Golubovic mentioned two young athletes she was so impressed by OFF and on the court. One was Branka (Brankica) Mihajlovic from Bosnia & Hercegovina.

How is she from Bosnia yet playing women’s indoor volleyball for one of the best national team programs in the world.. Team Serbia? (Team Serbia national sports teams are actually all-around, one of the most winningest countries in the world speaking generally) I don’t want to spoil it but you find out in this episode.

We sat down just days before the World Championships were starting and talked about how she stay positive and fights for everything she believes in. We had a special guest appear, one of the best players for men’s volleyball in the world…. Find out who by listening!

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Hear the Interview NOW: (43m:32s)

About Brankica MIHAJLOVIC

Started volleyball at age 12 and International pro at 18 years old.

Changed national teams for a challenge. Olympian by the age of 21!

Played in Switzerland, France, Brazil and now Japan.

All Star player from Grand Prix 2013 & as 4 medals of all three colors (Gold, Silver & Bronze).


Key Discussion Points:

  • What’s her family like and her story?
  • How she started in sports?
  • How did she adjust to life abroad at such a young age?
  • How does she approach challenges?
  • How it feels to play at the highest levels?
  • What are her habits for playing well?
  • What are her daily habits?

Hear the Interview NOW: (43m:32s)

Key Lessons:

  • Why it’s important to have a plan for 10-15 years into the future…

“You need to know what you want in your life and to be with a strong mind & character and to really wish for this (thing) and never give up.”

  • Why having people close to you is so important...

“As a kid, 18/19, I think you don’t know how to resolve (problems)… You need to have support also from your close ones but in general you have to be the one to decide.”

  • How to thrive on a high level team by becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • How she transitioned from pro to national team at 21 years old..

"You also need to respect yourself & respect others. If you are on the team it means that you are equally as good as them."

  • How she keeps her goals in mind and written down…

“When you have some issues, some problems they will remind you that you KEEP pushing yourself.”

  • How she controls her mind in pressure situations and why the mental game is so important
  • Why we must respect other people to earn their respect
  • Why mistakes must be accepted and are important to success

“It’s not normal if you are (not making) mistakes. You have to accept this and go for the next point. You cannot return something that has happened”

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Unilever Volei (BRA)
Volero Zurich (SUI)
RC Cannes (FRA)
VC Omichka (RUS)
Hyundai Capital Skywalkers (KOR)
Hisamitsu Springs (JAP)

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