4 | How To Be A “Not-So-Tall” 2x Olympian Who Couldn’t Even Walk with Suzana Ćebić

Ep 4 How To Be A “Not-So-Tall” 2x Olympian Who Couldn’t Even Walk with Suzana CEBIC

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About three months ago Mira Golubovic mentioned two young athletes she was so impressed by OFF and on the court. The last episode was Branka (Brankica) Mihajlovic from Bosnia & Hercegovina… The second one is the lovely Suzana Cebic.

It’s seems to be a common thing that the champion’s I have started out with all believe you should NEVER GIVE UP... Why? (Team Serbia national sports teams are actually all-around, one of the most winningest countries in the world speaking generally) I don’t want to spoil it but you find out in this episode.

We sat down just days before the World Championships were starting and chatted about how she got here from being unable to walk with a disease in Spain to present day....

Get the details by listening!

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Hear the Interview NOW: (43m:25s)

About Suzana CEBIC

Has one older sister and grew up with both parents.

Started playing at 13 with 3 trainings per week...

Finished high school while playing in a different city…

Played in 2008 & 2012 Olympics…

Has earned over 13 medals in intl competition (9 are GOLD’s) & has been name Best Libero/Receiver” 3x international while playing major competitions with team Serbia.

Hear the Interview NOW: (43m:25s)

Key Discussion Points:

  • What’s her family like and her story?
  • How she seeks big challenges?
  • How playing a sport in Serbia while attending high-school?
  • What are her plans after sports?
  • Would she benefit from a program like Elite Sport Students?
  • What’s her biggest obstacle in life?
  • What was her most defining moment so far?
  • What does she do to mentally prepare for competition?

Key Lessons:

  • Why Going to College is still a big goal!

"I think education is really important because after university you got a lot of opportunities"

  • Why she should start planning for her life after sports...

“I’m not thinking about my future, yet. Maybe I need to start because I’m almost 30!”

  • The meaning of mentors and great people close to you

"Yeah. It is good idea. It is good to have someone who will trust and who will give you advice."

"Now, Usually I receive advice from my sister."

  • How facing her obstacle of never being able to walk again fueled her to fight!

"Learned to be a lot more patient, you have to be determined, learned to be informed about the situation."

  • What she’s doing to become better mentally prepared even after 2 Olympics!
  • Why having friends outside of her sport helped her with many challenges…
  • How having a best friend (Jovana Brakocevic) on the court though has also helped her a ton

“Most of my friends are outside of (sports).”


Charity/Organizations They Add Value to: None

Business/Work: None

Current/Past Teams:

OK Jedinstvo Uzice (SRB)
Tenerife Voleibol (ESP)
CSU Galati (ROM)
VfB 91 Sühl (GER)
Rabita Baku (AZE)
Lokomotiv Baku (AZE)
CSM Trgovište (ROM)


Past Schools:


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