6 | How To Go From A ‘Fat’ Kid To An Olympian with Carlos Eduardo Schwanke

Ep 6 How To Go From A ‘Fat’ Kid To An Olympian with Carlos Eduardo SCHWANKE

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Rewind back to 2005. I joined the 18 man roster after being on a tryout a month and a half earlier. Before that USA Volleyball had no idea who, Ryan Jay Owens, was as a volleyball player. I didn’t even exist to them… Well, it doesn’t matter, I made the decision to follow my heart which was dreaming of the Olympics and I made it on the team with current and former Olympians under the direction of Hugh McCutcheon.

Well Hugh and Ron Larson decided I was a good fit only in a different position and that promised to teach me everything I needed to know to become the player I dreamt of becoming… at the end of that first summer Hugh came to me with a deal in Puerto Rico and after playing there for a couple weeks he recommended I take a deal down in one of the best leagues in the World, Brazil (BRASIL).

I am not a crazy person. I accepted. First day on the job I was meeting and greeting my teammates at the court in San Leopoldo, Brazil in the south which is cowboy territory. Well like they say cowboys are friendly and sure enough after all the guys were met Carlos Schwanke asked me to go with him and another guy, Kid Teixeira for food. These are two Olympians from the Atlanta Olympics!

I said as cool and calmly as possible, “sure,” while grinning like a school kid with a box of candies.

Over the next months I would spend time with him and his family at their summer home and just get to know this amazing volleyball player, athlete, husband, father and future (now) coach. Listen for the his story and some fun stuff about us both.

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Hear the Interview NOW: (48m:58s)

About Carlos Eduardo SCHWANKE

Born in 1974 in Santa Catalina, Brazil.

Grew up in small city near Santa Catalina with his German father & Italian mother.

Started with volleyball because of health at age 12.

He played in 1996 Olympics in Atlanta and is a World League medalist.  

(Brazil is the MOST WINNINGEST national team for volleyball in history)

He had a decorated pro career entirely in Brazil.

He now is a head coach and when he started as an assistant he immediately won three Super League (Top pro) in Brazil with a men’s team.

Hear the Interview NOW: (48m:58s)

Key Discussion Points:

  • What’s his story?
  • What his inspirational quote?
  • What was his biggest obstacle?
  • Who influenced him the most?
  • what separates elite players from rest of the pack?
  • How does he control his mind while playing?
  • What is he most proud of?
  • What has his life so far taught him?
  • Who he would interview and why?
  • Why adding value is important?

Key Lessons:

  • How mentors play an extremely important role in our lives…
  • How being rejected is not a bad thing…

“I was big and a little bit fat… So i had to start playing something.”

"When i went to tryout for one team when i was kid, I was rejected. I was disappointed and i wanted to do something other.”

  • Why being injured and not having options to recover is false…

“Doctors told me that i will not be able to play volleyball again,but with believe and faith i recovered."

  • Some people are important to keep close throughout life…
  • What could make him the best player possible…

“..Trying to find something outside from sport: religion, faith, your goals… If you surround yourself with positive things and keep being better & better then you are in front of your opponents."

  • What to do to make his mind his tool during sports & life…
  • What’s most important in life to be successful…

"Most important thing is to have __(listen to find out…)___ in your life."

  • How what you are most proud of can turn out not to be a goal…
  • That accomplishing goals can be incredible…

“... and I said ‘We did it!’ and I turned to the stage and I saw __(listen to find out… It’s a HUGE name!)__ with the Olympic torch & I started crying…All the moments… All the preparations...All the hard days of trainings...In that moment all of those things were (listen to find out…)!”

  • The reason why adding value to other people is so important...


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