#49 Thinking Outside The Box (Part 2 of 4) with RJO & Marcos Soltero

#49 Thinking Outside The Box (Part 2 of 4) with RJO & Marcos Soltero

#35 A Top 16 Freestyler In The World Gives Back with Nikola "DJOTA" MILOSEVIC

#35 A Top 16 Freestyler In The World Gives Back with Nikola "DJOTA" MILOSEVIC

Athlete Case Study | March 19, 2015
A 20 year old professional football freestyler and student of College of Tourism in Belgrade. Performed over 300 times at various events. The winner of bronze medal from European Championship in Budapest (2013) and top 16 in the World in Challenge.

Nikola "Djota" MILOŠEVIĆ Serbian Freestyle Soccer |
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Today we will be talking with an extremely talented professional fútbol freestyler. After playing fútbol for several years he decided to take his skills and pursue in a similar yet very different craft. “Djota” will share with us some of his strengths, as well as some of his weaknesses and what he does as well as what he can do better to achieve his goals of being the best at his craft. Not only is Djota very talented, but he is a generous individual that doesn’t only add value by showing off his gift, but he gives away his money to those
living out on the streets.


  • Born, Nikola Milosevic, from Smederevo, Serbia.

  • Grew up playing soccer for 7 years; eventually quit and began freestyling
    He was a little more fortunate than other kids while growing up and had the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world.

  • Was a student at the College of Tourism in Belgrade, Serbia

  • After 4 years of practicing, Nikola learned that he could do this as a profession, travel, and make money


“Just play, have fun, enjoy the game.” -Michael Jordan


Key Mentors 
“I learned on my own...parents and friends were very supportive.”


Key Discussion Points:

  • What was one of your struggles and how did you overcome it?

  • When was one of your biggest failures?

  • When was your light bulb moment?

  • When was one of your proudest moment in life so far?

  • What are you most excited about these days?

Key Lessons

  • Always find ways to keep a positive mind despite any family struggles you may have

  • Don’t let outside influences get you off track

  • You have to accept struggles during the process of trying to achieve goals

“..that feeling when you feel really tired and all you want is to go home and get some sleep, but your mind doesn’t let you do that because you want to achieve your goals and the only way to do that is to struggle.” NM @ 12:36

  • You might not achieve a goal in one day, it may take 3 years but you have to trust the process

  • If you want something, do everything you necessary to get it

“All I have to do is practice really hard, because I think I have what it takes to be one of the best..I know I have something and I know I won’t stop until I achieve that.” NM @ 19:07

  • It’s important to visualize/see yourself achieving the goal you have made for yourself

“If you can imagine that in your head, and if that goal is in your head it will push your body to your limit.” NM @ 20:46

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What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
You can do it, just believe.

When do you go through self doubt and how do you get passed those thoughts?
When it gets lonely during training..telling myself to keep working and not to give up.

A personal habit that has contributed most to your success so far?
Self evaluation/self criticism

One thing you would like to improve about yourself?
Being more emotional

Biggest strength?
Being positive and having extreme focus

Biggest weakness?
My mind; sometimes it is a strength, sometimes it is a weakness

If you had a do over, having learned everything you know now, with all of the your current resources (ESS, Beyond Athletic Podcasts, Mentors, etc.), what would you do differently?
Practice not only hard, but practicing smart

Adding Value to Others?
I make money on the street for the people on the street; I give the money I make on the street to the homeless



All Photos of Nikola Courtesy of Miloš Jaksić © 2015


Definition of an Athlete?

"Being healthy, physically and mentally prepared for things to come...being a good person and knowing the differences throughout the word"

#22 How To Break 10 Records by 23yrs Old with Milan RISTIC

January 17, 2015 | ATHLETE CASE STUDY

#22 How To Break 10 Records by 23yrs Old with Milan RISTIC

Milan Ristić (Serbia) Track & Field Hurdler | Beyond Athletic Podcast


  • Born, Milan RISTIĆ, in BelgradeSerbia on  8 August 1991 (age 23). Currently living in North Carolina, USA.
  • He is a son of Velimir and Gordana Ristic, he has an older sister Marija.
  • He's a track and field athlete who specializes in hurdling. Having competed in hurdling and other events with archrivals AK Crvena Zvezda and AK Partizan, he has represented Serbia in international competition.
  • Went to college in the U.S. First attended UNC Asheville (holds 9 records), and then my junior year transferred to UC Berkeley where I finished my degree. 3x NCAA All-American. 
  • Got married to Meredith Foster Ristić while I was in college at UNCA, where I met my wife the first year when I came to the U.S.
  • He is a Serbian national record holder in the indoor 60 meter hurdles event and broke 9 records at UNC. Ristić is a member of Serbian national senior team since 2010.

Height: 188cm, 6'3" | Weight: 88kg, 193lbs


"If you can dream it, you can do it" -Walt Disney

My wife Meredith and my family!

FAVORITE LEARNING RESOURCE: because I can see the stuff I read or hear about in hurdling world

Fishing, anywhere really because it relaxes me.

For traveling, lots of vitamins, fruits and vegetables, because it's hard to get a good meal in a hurry.

Volunteering at different events and helping people in need. 



Five Stars! Great time, great topics, awesome way to hear stuff from some incredible athletes.
— Milan Ristić (Review of Beyond Athletic Podcast)

11 | Don't Be Afraid To Change Your Life Before Going Pro with Milica KUBURA (Part 2)

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How many 14 years old leave their country to study abroad? Well Milica KUBURA is one of them…

She contact me through my sports agency Elite Volley Agency & non-profit Elite Sport Students project.

She asked for help getting to a US college. I told her she shouldn’t have to pay an agent OR ANYONE for doing any of this because her education is MOST important. We put together a CV with her transcripts & all other documents. I sent it off to my network in the USA of over 1400 coaches and she received in the next weeks a TON of interest. JACKPOT! 

Well what made her decide to go to the US? Why did she live alone in Italy as a Serbian girl at the age of 14? Find out in this episode. 

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About Milica KUBURA

This is the 2nd part of episode 7 with Milica KUBURA of Florida State University Seminole women's sand & indoor teams.

She is a 19 year old from Serbia who lived in Italy alone at 14 years old for school... and now again in the USA.

She is a former Serbian Junior National Team player.

Talks about her reasons for leaving Serbia for her education and more opportunities than Serbia can provide for her.Give tips and advice about how to do what she did, what makes her successful and daily routines.

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Key Discussion Points:

Part 1: 

Part 2:

  • What were your fears/worries before going to the USA?
  • What was a lightbulb moment that changed your life?
  • What's a typical day & week @ school in the USA?
  • What level is Division 1 NCAA school volleyball in the USA?
  • What's your advice for student-athletes?
  • How do you add value to people?
  • What's your next goal?

Key Lessons:

Part 1:

Part 2:

  • America offered more than she ever imagined.

"I had no idea of the US... where I would go... how things work... will i fit in the team?"

  • The best opportunity is always recognized publicly by others.

"When I decided to come to completely changed my life!"

  • Routines are important to her success.
  • Watching video of herself playing is "extremely helpful."
  • The level of play in US D1 NCAA volleyball is much higher than expected

"Lots of people (in Serbia) think school (in America) is a joke but that's NOT it at all... It's just BETTER ORGANIZED... So things seem easier"

  • Many players go from US schools into top professional clubs
  • Make changes if you want to live a great life that you want

"I think everybody should believe in ourselves... and follow our minds & hearts. I know that lots of people are afraid to make changes in their lives BUT THEY SHOULDN'T. "

"Don't be afraid to change your life!"

  • Find people that do what you're interested in and talk with them about it.

"I encourage people to talk to people that are already (in the US) because that helps a lot!"

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One personal habit to contributes to athlete's health:
Drinking a glass of hot water every morning.

Overcomes fear of failure by:
Taking "centering breaths" 

  • 6-7 second breath in thru your nose & 8-10 seconds out through your mouth.
    "I tried it and it REALLY helps!" - Milica Kubura
  • Smiling
  • Singing in her head

Athlete's advice:
Not To Stress about anything. "Everything happens for a reason... & since I started thinking of that everything is much easier."

Best Advice ever received:
"If you work hard nobody can stop you & there are people who are gonna hate you because you're successful.. or people are gonna talk bad about you BUT at the end of the day the MOST important thing is YOUR opinion of about yourself & what YOU are doing... How much effort are you putting in your work... and EVERY SINGLE THING IS GOING TO PAY OFF!"

Athlete's Learning Resource: (Mental Training & More by Former Olympic Serbian)

Most grateful for:
Support from her family.

How athlete add's value to others:
Community Service
Talking to people everyday & getting to know them

Athlete's favorite hobby:


Charity/Organizations They Add Value to:
Schools & Children's Hospitals by visiting and talking to young children

None. Student-Athlete

Past/Current Teams: 
Red Star (Crvena Zvezda, Belgrade, Serbia), Serbian JR National Team & Florida State University (Indoor & Sand Teams)

Past Schools:

Recommended Guest:

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