SNAP CHALLENGE | #BeyondAthleticSnapStory Challenge

SNAP CHALLENGE | #BeyondAthleticSnapStory Challenge

People just don't get what we do day to day as international athletes!

What's The Challenge?

Let's show the world what we do to make our dreams reality in one day.... Must be 18 yrs old to enter this challenge. From start to finish we want to see a day in your student-athlete or pro athlete life....

Foreigners are 100% welcomed and actually we ASK you to participate primarily... 

Why Should Athletes Do This?

How many times do your friends just not get how life is for you while abroad? Well, show them! :)

Also, some lucky winners will be part of a short film highlighting the lives of several international athletes from sun up to sun down and in-between! Be creative! Be You! Be More Than Athletic!

How to Enter the Challenge

  • If you haven’t already, add RJO "ryanjayowens" &  Dustin Watten "noezbuckets" on Snapchat

  • Begin the challenge with the 1st video(s) or photo with your Full name, Sport, Team name, Level & location (This first photo can be 10secs long if you choose to do a photo intro)

  • SNAP PHOTOS: Keep photos to a maximum of 4 secs long (or else the end video will be too long like RJO's was! See it here) and videos can can the max recordable (at once).

  • SNAP VIDEOS: Film all video in landscape mode (sideways) not portrait mode (vertical)...

  • Send us (Ryan & Dustin) your snaps (adding up into one big snap story) by Friday, Apr. 11 at 9 a.m. EST

  • When you've complete a full day of snaps... be sure to download it into one file... SEE HOW HERE!

Landscape mode not portrait mode

Three Ways To Enter Your Full Story!

  1. Upload FULL STORY video file to Facebook and tag BEYOND ATHLETIC PODCAST with the hashtag #BeyondAthleticSnapStory Challenge

  2. Upload video file of #BeyondAthleticSnapStory Challenge to Google Drive | Dropbox | iCloud Drive and share with ryan(at)

  3. Upload FULL STORY to Youtube/Vimeo & add #BeyondAthleticSnapStory Challenge to info box with your full name and email the link to ryan(at)

Send your full snap story by Friday, Apr. 11 at 9 a.m. EST