#59 The Art of Fear with Kristen Ulmer

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#59 The Art of Fear with Kristen Ulmer (Expert Extreme Skier - Author - Speaker)

EXPERT SESSION: Kristen is a thought leader, master facilitator and fear specialist who radically challenges existing norms around the subject of this deeply misunderstood emotion. Her education on this subject comes from practical, real- world experience, starting out with being a mogul specialist on the US Ski team. Kristen then became more notoriously recognized as being the best female big mountain extreme skier in the world, a status she kept for 12 years. Known for big cliff jumps and you-fall-you die descents, she became sponsored by the likes of Red Bull, Ralph Lauren, and Nikon. Her mastery of other danger sports including paragliding, ice and rock climbing, kiteboarding, adventure mountain biking, and flying trapeze also gained her the outdoor industry vote as most extreme “fearless” woman athlete in North America, beating all danger-sports stars, not just skiers.

Sometimes we humans need a gentle shift to continue our journey in the right direction that supports our growth. Ending the un-winnable war with Fear and making friends with it instead, is one of those shifts.
— Kristen Ulmer, The Art of Fear


Kristen’s Gifts: Free Fear/Anxiety Assessment + Sample Guide

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#34 Why Women Aren't "Smaller Men" & How Both Maximize Performance with Dr. Stacy SIMS

#34 Why Women Aren't "Smaller Men" & How Both Maximize Performance with Dr. Stacy SIMS

Expert Game Plan Session: Triathlete, Graduate of Stanford School of Medicine; PhD from University of Otago New Zealand; Innovative Exercise Physiologist-Nutrition Scientist of Thermoregulation, Hydration, and Performance Nutrition


March 15, 2015

Dr. Stacy T. Sims of Osmo Nutrtion | beyond Athletic Podcast
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On today’s podcast you will receive tons of information regarding hydration, thermoregulation, and what it means to  hydrate properly for different sexes as it is not the same for both. Dr. Sims has studied all over the globe and has been an athlete in multiple sports. Her knowledge will help your overall health and performance as an athlete.


  • Born, Stacy Teresa Sims on July 24, 1973.

  • Ran track in high school, competed on the crew team for Purdue University; was an ultra runner, triathlete. She retired as a pro elite roadbike racer when she was pregnant with her 2 year old daughter, Jera

  • She graduated from Stanford’s School of Medicine and also received her PhD from the University of Otago in New Zealand

  • She is an Innovative Exercise Physiologist-Nutrition Scientist of Thermoregulation, Hydration, and Performance Nutrition; The key researcher officer and co-founder of Osmo Nutrition, who has products designed to address different needs for both sexes; consults for elite individual athletes; has worked with Lance Armstrong.

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“Women are not small men.”

“taking a broad view of the world and having a lot of tolerance and patience and making myself grow in whatever environment I’m in”

Key Discussion Points:

  • How did you get into your field of work/research?

  • What has you most excited these days?

  • Why can’t both sexes hydrate the same way?

  • What hydration sources out there being pushed commercially actually cause dehydration?

  • When are the best times to hydrate? Is there a wrong time?

  • How does dehydration play into injuries?

  • How should athletes hydrate properly while traveling by plane?

  • What eating habits should athletes have on 2-3 hour practice days?

Key Lessons:

  • If you start with good habits, you will further your career down the road

  • Most sports drinks are designed to replace carbohydrates first, and then provide some fluid second

“A standard sports drink has between 6-8% carbohydrate solution..when you look at that was a chemical..physiological standpoint...that concentration of carbohydrates are too concentrated to flow into the body easily.” SS @ 13:03

  • You can remove stress by watching what you are eating and drinking

  • Optimal hydration will better your overall performance

  • There is NO pure water in the body; plain water isn’t the main solution for hydration

“If you are just drinking plain water, you’re not really maximizing what your body recognizes as the just a little bit of sodium in plain water..that will allow the body to pull that fluid in.” SS @ 18:28

  • Hydrate throughout the day with MORE than just water

“...its eating watery fruits and veggies, its drinking mineral water that has the sodium in it or its making you own sports drink with 500 ml of water (16oz), dash of salt and a little bit of maple syrup (tsp.)’ll get some glucose..sodium, and then you’re going to get your fluid and its going to be absorbed.” SS @ 18:48

  • When dehydrated, you are prone to tissue tears, cramping, ACL injuries,etc.

  • Compression tights during travel help with getting up and walking around as much as you can to prevent swelling in the ankles

  • Have your products to make your protein drinks WITH you on your flights

“12-13 hour flight...having two protein base drinks on the flight...the protein helps with the hydration aspect and the amino acids counteract some of the jet lag.” SS @ 24:37

  • You want to maximize the food before you have practice

“ least 90 minutes before you start and you can top up with  snack..a 150 calorie snack, about 30 minutes before you start training, so you’re going to be well fueled.” SS @ 26:56

  • Stay hydrated all the way through practice with “functional hydration drinks” (glucose, sodium, potassium)

  • HYDRATE and FUEL for whatever you are doing

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What is your recommended breakfast for an athlete?

Having a good balance of carbohydrates and protein
-Not eating animal products (vegan): quinoa w/berries, nuts, seeds; sprouted bread w/almond butter

-Eats animal products: Oatmeal w/almond milk, yogurt, nuts, berries; egg whites/yolk scrambles and veggies over toast; avocados, smoked fish, omega 3’s, flax seed oil, coconut oil, other nut oils

Your travel buddy:

Your recipe for a healthy life:
Being Happy

Favorite Healthy Habit:
Sleep and training; “Without good sleep, you can’t train well.”

The first 3 healthy food items that make you smile
Coffee, blueberries, and raspberries

What is a book that you would give away as a gift?
Becoming a Supple Leopard and Ready to Run, both by Kelly Starrett
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

The Importance of Thermoregulation
The way your body deals with stress after exercise or extreme conditions is through thermoregulation; through changing constriction of vessels, through sweating, respiration; without thermoregulation there is no human.


Osmo Nutrition - Co Founder, Chief Research Officer
Recommended Guest:
Selene Yeager; Freelance athletic journalist
Hannah Grant; professional chef for Tinkoff Saxo professional cycling team/ wellness-foodie consultant to corporations and athletes, cookbook author

Recommended Books:
Becoming a Supple Leopard by Kelly Starrett
Ready to Run by Kelly Starrett
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho


Osmo Nutrition
Lance Armstrong
Stanford’s School of Medicine
University of Otago in New Zealand
amino acids
Purdue University

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Definition of Being an Athlete?

"A combination of mind, body, and spirit. There is not one without the other. You can’t be a complete athlete if you aren’t mentally strong and also aware of what you’re doing and how your body fits in space and time. Physically you can’t be an athlete without all the training components and nutrition components and spiritually, without that inner drive and the awareness of how you give and take from others, you can’t really be a complete person or a complete athlete. " -Dr. Stacy Sims




#32 The Keys To Sleep & Eat Smarter with Shawn STEVENSON

#32 The Keys To Sleep & Eating Smarter with Shawn STEVENSON

Expert GamePlan Session: Background in Biology and Kinesiology, #1 Health & Fitness Podcast “The Model Health Show” Creator, #8 Best Selling Author of Sleep Smarter


March 3, 2015

Shawn Stevenson The Model Health Show |
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Music Credit: Ruze - Plan B - "She Said" (16 Bit Remix)


Todays show is mainly on how important our nutrition is and how it can be injury proof for our bodies. We will talk about some of the day to day things that people say that are far off from the truth and we’ll dig deep into the sciences and the research behind the many myths in the world regarding health. You’ll receive a ton of knowledge to apply right now in your life to be a healthier human being. Shawn also explains a little bit of his experiences as a young athlete with significant injuries and how they have lead him to the research he does today and why he shares such information.


  • Born, Shawn Stevenson.

  • Best selling author of Sleep Smarter

  • Creator of “The Model Health Show featured as the #1 Health and the #1 Fitness & Nutrition podcast on

    • with over 1 Million Listener Downloads, and a huge array of valuable show topics, you’re about to be tapped into a powerful world of health information right at your fingertips.
  • Has a background in biology and kinesiology; founder of “Advanced Integrative Health Alliance,” a successful company providing wellness services for both individuals and organizations worldwide; A dynamic keynote speaker who has spoken for TEDx, universities, and numerous organizations.

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“The most important decision that you make as a human being is whether or not you live in a friendly or hostile environment.” -Albert Einstein

Key Discussion Points:

  • Why did you come into this particular field of research?

  • What has you most excited these days?

  • How can we prevent injury via nutrition aka REAL food?

  • What is your knowledge on what inflammation comes from?

  • How do we optimize our recovery after tough training, competitions, jobs, and other stressors in life?

  • What knowledge can you share about the importance of sleep?

  • What is one of mistake that most of us make during that day that ruins high quality sleep?

Key Lessons:

  • When it comes to significant injuries, it's important to get a second and third opinion?

  • The REAL root of the word “decision” means to cut away any possibility except accomplishing that thing

“When you make a REAL decision about something, there’s not an option for failure anymore.” SS @ 13:26

  • You can learn just about any aspect of life by listening to podcasts, for FREE

  • You are what you eat, drink, and breath

“You are what you assimilate” SS @ 23:20

  • Our bodies require the raw materials they need in order to rebuild us.

“If you’re wanting to maintain a high quality bone density so you’re not breaking a bone, you need to provide your body with the raw materials it needs to actually create bone.” SS @ 23:30

  • We want to give our body real things it can recognize, not just supplements

  • The #1 source to getting magnesium in your system is leafy green vegetables

  • Spirulina can increase our production of stem cells in our bodies

  • Stem cells become anything you need them to become

“If you need to generate some meniscus..acl..muscle tissue from a pulled muscle from your hamstring..stem cells become everything that your body needs.” SS @ 30:20

  • Around 60% of all health conditions are related to inflammation (ie. heart disease, strokes, heart attacks)

  • Anti inflammatory medications can actually stop the healing process

  • The number of hours of sleep you get isn’t what is most important

“Its not about the hours of sleep you’s about the amount of time that you could get your body, brain, entire physiology into the deeper most anabolic stage of sleep.”

  • Working the late night shift is a carcinogen, a cancer causing agent

  • The body is evolved to be up during the day and asleep at night

“Sleep in a pitch black room, get black out curtains, get the light out  of your room...don’t play the TV while you’re sleeping...that step is going to help you and to stay in a deeper and more rejuvenative sleep.” SS @ 42:34

  • We need to be exposed to natural sunlight to help us sleep better at night

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The best balanced breakfast…
If maintaining blood sugar: keep it a low carb breakfast, (60% healthy fats, 30% protein, 20% carbs), ie. pasteurized sausages, half of an avocado, sauteed green, spoon of almond butter or coconut oil

The best thing you travel with..
Ipod, His superfood kit: medicinal mushrooms, spirulina

What book would you give away as a gift?
Becoming a Supple Leopard by Kelly Starrett; also Ready to Run
The Hormone Cure by Sara Gottfried


Advanced Integrative Health Alliance: Founder
The Model Health Show: Co-Host


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"Being ready at anytime; ready to play, ready to perform always training for life!" -Shawn Stevenson

Books Mentioned:
Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson
Becoming a Supple Leopard by Kelly Starrett; also Ready to Run
The Hormone Cure by Sara Gottfried

Recommended Items:

How Chocolate Can Save the World
The Model Health Show/Podcast
Cox-II Inhibitor
Noni Plant

Some of my favorite episodes from Shawn's show:

  1. How To Create A Sleep Sanctuary And Get The Best Sleep Ever
  2. Sleep Smarter – The Connection Between Sleep, Sex, Income, And Fat Loss
  3. 7 Fat Loss Herbs That Really Work (And Supplement Mistakes To Avoid!)
  4. Natural Treatments For Depression – Share This With Everyone You Know!
  5. Tips For Dining Out At Restaurants, Family Get Togethers, And How To Stay Healthy During The Holidays
  6. 15 Healthy Travel Tips – How To Stay Fit, Healthy, And Energized While Traveling!
  7. Biggest Health, Fitness, And Lifestyle Lessons Of 2014 And What You Should Implement In 2015
  8. Improve Your Digestion, Assimilation, and Elimination (And Poop Like A Champion!)




#21 How To Survive Sports & Feed Your Body with Dr. Jeremy J. HOFF


(USA) Former NCAA Men’s Volleyball & Now A Phys. Medicine Rehab/Pain and Sports Doctor 

#21 How To Survive Sports & Feed Your Body with Dr. Jeremy J. HOFF

Dr. Jeremy J. HOFF | beyond Athletic Podcast


Jeremy's not only a best friend to me but also a brother. He is the best example of a man and a father figure. We attended high school together in the suburbs of Chicago.  I am very grateful to have him on the show today. This podcast will give you information on the pharmaceuticals and other harmful materials that hurt our bodies as well as the environment, not over-specializing in one sport and how other sports are good for cross-training and can lower the rate of injuries and really benefit your primary sport. We will also discuss the best traits for athletes to stay healthy and be the best that they can be as well as the common injuries and what to be aware of and how to avoid them.


Born, Jeremy Jay Hoff,  on November 2, 1980 in Chicago, IL., USA. 

Grew up in Evanston IL, USA with an older brother, a very supportive mother and a number of “fake” family members including, Ryan Jay Owens, very dear to him that he feels helped shape him into the person he is today.

Attended Evanston Township HS & is now in their Volleyball Hall of Fame.

Then attended Rutgers University In New Jersey where he met his wife and he also played on the Men’s Volleyball team. He earned the “Male Athlete of the Year Award” in 2002. Jeremy is also on the Rutgers University Hall of Fame. He holds records in all stats except assists and kills (no. 2).

He took one year off after graduation, worked at a hospital as well as study for the entrance exam into Medical School, where he later attended in California and lived in Huntington Beach.

Now a physical medicine and rehab/pain and sports medicine doctor at HROSM.

Has Interests in nutrition, exercise, psychology, and coaching. 

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"When the game is on the line, I don't want the ball in anyone else's hands, not in anyone else's hands in the world." - Larry Bird


Nutrition, intelligence/learning/psychology


Mike Hulett, high school volleyball coach and coach of the Team USA Olympic sitting volleyball team


My wife and her motivation to look beyond my college career and look forward to my future

Key Discussion Points:

  • What are some common injuries and mistakes you see people making?

  • What can athletes do to prevent these reoccurring injuries?

  • In your opinion, as a parent, what would be some of the better sports to get a nice array of exposure?

  • What are some of the best traits you see in healthy athletes?

  • What is your opinion on the various diets out there? (Paleo for example)

  • What do you feel is overlooked in the industry pertaining to health?

  • Can you give some examples of good fats vs bad fats?

Key Lessons:

  • Have confidence and strive to be better than your opponent

“It’s not always about being the best in the world, but it’s about being better than the guy next to you” JH @ 19:15

  • We need to let our bodies do what they were designed to do

  • You have to give your body time to heal itself

“Any of those anti-inflammatory medicines really inhibit the body’s natural ability to heal itself, but they cover up pain that might be your body saying you shouldn’t be doing what you’re doing.” JH @ 29:49

  • Figure out where you want to go and how far you want to take your sport

  • The game is not as important as your overall health

  • Don’t specialize in one sport too young, get out and play multiple

  • Kids should participate in sports that involve full body fitness, cardiovascular health, and muscular health.

“Track and Field, running track is by far the most effective sport to improve everything else that you do.” JH @ 35:18

  • You always have to be careful about over training and fatigue which can lead to poor form, technique and injury

  • In any sport and life in general, sleep and nutrition are very important

“In season or in the moment, if you’re not getting enough sleep, your body is not going to heal adequately.” JH @ 41:15

  • What we put in your bodies has a huge effect on how they operate or even how they heal

  • We need to amplify our body’s natural healing process, not alter it.



What personal habit has contributed most to your successes?
Showing up, on time, coming in everyday and getting to be where you’re supposed to be.

Having solid fundamentals will carry you through so much more than just being really strong or really athletic. - Ron LARSEN

Wake up, sit there, make sure nothing hurts, warm up my feet, and take a freezing cold shower.


  1. Headspace

  2. Epocrates

  3. Brainwave - 32 binaural programs

FAVORITE LEARNING RESOURCE: for simple, not high medical questions and

Plan ahead and don't break your habits, but if you have to be creative.

Finishing Medical School, four intense years of hard work.

Dr. Scott Nadler foundation (musculoskeletal research foundation)

Hampton Roads Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine


Email | Website

Definition of Beyond Athletic?

"Planning for today at the same time that you are planning for the next five years and making sure that you have short and long term goals." - Jeremy J. HOFF





5 Stars! Ryan is one of the hardest working, most talented, and truly compassionate people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. His passion for his and others success in sport and in life is inspiring and he is someone to watch and follow and expect great things from for years to come.
— Dr. Jeremy J. Hoff (Review for Beyond Athletic Podcast)