10| How to Run For Charity From NYC to San Francisco... Alone! with Christina LEE

How to Run For Charity From NYC to San Francisco... Alone! with Christina LEE

Who runs across America?

Christina LEE does and she does so at a pace of about 30 miles or so per day!

I first heard about Christina LEE from a dear friend and the one and only contributor (at the point of typing this November 22nd, 2014) to my fundraiser so far on Indiegogo to raise funds for this podcast. DONATE HERE :) THANKS!

I asked if he knew anyone that was a former or current athlete doing great things. First thing he said was go type Running America into the search bar of Facebook.

I thought, hmm, ok strange. I did. As I landed on the page he starts to say how he met this incredible girl running across America recently and she is awesome.

Took me 5’ of digging on her page and researching to see I HAD TO HAVE HER ON THE SHOW! I knew no one does that without having a great heart, spirit and mind! Well my buddy, Ryan Dewitt, had great judgement.

Christina LEE defines #BeyondAthletic!

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Listen To The Episode Below (58:03)

About Christina LEE

23 yr old raised in California & self-proclaimed nerd. :)

Former high school cross country runner & standout in soccer (Forced to stop so listen to find out why..) had soccer scholarships across the country.. Top choice was Georgetown.

Graduate of two universities simultaneously

  1. New York University (NYU) with majors in Computer Science & Math

  1. Stevens Institute of Technology with major in Engineering with focus on Robotics and Automation.

Worked for Google. Currently not employed but seeking employment. ;)

Decided to knock a goal off her bucket list by RUNNING ACROSS AMERICA ALONE & raise $100,000 USD by doing so for the Navy SEALs Foundation benefiting SEALs and their families.

She’s raised over $30,000 so far… DONATE HERE AND/OR SHARE WITH A FRIEND

She’s a cover model, one of my personal role models and will be running the football out for Jerry Rice and the San Francisco 49’s on game day of week 12 in December!

Key Discussion Points:

  • What’s her background & story until HS?
  • What was her biggest obstacle in life?
  • Who inspires her?
  • Why she helps others?
  • What has running across america taught her so far?
  • What are her morning rituals before runs?
  • What a personal habit that contributes to her success?
  • How does she add value to others?
  • What are her future plans?

Key Lessons:

  • She knows now the life she wants...
  • When a door closes others open when you look closely…

“I need to make the best of what I have… I had to look away and never look back”

  • How she believes she can create awareness as a symbol for others…

...I’m not the one doing great things... I’m just out there as a symbol trying to raise money for the people that are doing really awesome stuff!”

  • Why the person she is most inspired by... is a life coach…

  • How mentoring and helping others is rewarding…
  • How running is the vehicle for the biggest changes in her life…
  • Why morning rituals are so important…
  • What her secret sauce is to her success…

“If you don’t want to make your life harder.. (LISTEN TO FIND OUT) is the easiest thing you can do. It’s free that’s the best part!”

  • Why she plans to work on Green Energy Initiatives & in the Tech industry

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Charity/Organizations They Add Value to:

DONATE HERE: Navy SEALs Foundation / Running America

Business/Work: Seeking employment with/ Comp Science + Math + Engineering + Robotics Degrees

Past Teams:

Past Schools:
Stevens Institute of Technology

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