#44 Remaining In the Moment with Berit KAUFFELDT

#44 Remaining In the Moment with Berit KAUFFELDT

April 3, 2016




For today’s Athlete Case Study, we have a German Volleyball Star, Berit Kauffeldt on the line telling us her story. We will dive into how she got into volleyball and where her hard work has taken her throughout her career. She will give out some tips and tools that will help you optimize your path to whatever success you may be seeking as an athlete or a business person in this world and most importantly, REMAINING in the MOMENT.


  • Born, Berit KAUFFELDT, from Parchim, Germany .

  • One younger brother, parents divorced since she was 4 years of age, raised in her mother’s household,

  • Began playing volleyball at age 11; Left home at age 13 to go to school and train to improve in the sport; lived at a boarding school; graduated as an honorary student in academics

  • Has studied Psychology Via online courses and books sent to her home and is expected to graduate this Spring and is . 

  • Played for Junior National Team since the age of 14; Winner of the European Championship in 2007; advanced to SENIOR National Team in 2008 and train with the team ever since; World Champion of 2009; Bronze Medal at the 2011 Grand Prix; 3X German League Champion with Schweriner SC

  • Has played in multiple other countries such as Italy, Poland, and currently for a Champions League team in Baku, Azerbaijan

  • Berit's is active in the stock market at the moment.

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“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”


  • When was one of your bigger struggles during your volleyball career so far?

  • What did you learn from these struggles?

  • How did you move forward?

  • When did you have your lightbulb moment in your career, moving from good to great?

  • What is one of your proudest moments in your non volleyball related life?

  • What was one of your proudest volleyball moments this season?

  • What are you most excited for coming up in the future?


  • When tough times come around during season, never forget to focus on yourself and your improvement.

“I started focusing more on myself and developing myself, I started doing yoga
and also reading about nutrition…” -BK @ 17:36

  • Only you can decide how your attitude is and your reaction to coaches and teammates, you control your own efforts to be better

  • We can either run from challenges or face them head up and conquer them no matter how tough it may seem

  • It is important to be able to tell yourself at the end of each day, training, match, that you gave 100%

“When I went to the gym, I always tried hard, I DIDN’T GIVE positive volleyball moments, I got not from matches, but I got it in practice...after each day I want to say I tried hard.” -BK 19:46

  • Remember to remain focused on present; not the next ball, or next play, not previous ball or previous ball, not the stats, STAY IN THE MOMENT

  • Strong relationships you have built with people is one of the biggest joys you can get in life while being an athlete as you make you way around the world

Berit’s Daily Ritual

In bed between 10:30-11pm, wake up between 7-8am, Oil mouth Rinse for 20 minutes, brush teeth, prepare bag for practice, breakfast, check phone, Get to practice by bus with the team


Berit’s TIP JAR


Recommended Book: How to Train a Wild Elephant : And other Adventures in Mindfulness, by Jan Chozen Bays
Tool/Habit used to stay Healthy: Meditation every morning
Parting Piece of Wisdom: Never stop trying, try your best, and that is enough, don’t put yourself under big pressure


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“If you can respect all people and all people equally, and feel empathy for the people you are acting with.” -BK


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