#37 How To Perform At Your Peak Potential with Ben GREENFIELD

#37 How To Perform At Your Peak Potential with Ben GREENFIELD

Expert Game Plan Session: New York Times Bestselling Author, Top 100 Most influential People in Healthy and Fitness, Ex-Body Builder, Ironman Triathlete


June 3, 2015

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Today we will discuss health vs performance, the misconceptions of pre and post workout fueling, as well as the benefits of thermoregulation. You will learn how you can change your surroundings to optimize your recovery and help perform better on a day to day basis, travel tips, warrior breathing, ways to OPTIMIZE your breathing, and things to do during the day that optimize your body’s potential to adapt to training.


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“Every little win counts.” -BG

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Key Discussion Points:

  • Why did you title your book “Beyond training”?

  • What are the top 5 mistakes you see athletes making?

  • What is the importance of pre and post workout fueling?

  • How should athletes prepare for days with weight trainings, conditioning, and practice all in one day, with less than an 8 hour window?

  • What can you tell us about cold/hot thermogenesis?

  • What is the significance of “Warrior Breathing” and “Breath Hold Walks”?

Key Lessons:

  • Its not hard figure out how to get stronger, its how do you optimize your ability to doing so the best and healthy way

“What gets left on the table is how to incorporate things in your life that are going to optimize hormones that are going to enhance your deep sleep, that are going to speed up your recovery, get rid of annoying issues like bloating and gas and gut problems that plague a lot of athletes.” BG @ 3:47

  • Its not only about looking good on the outside; but its most important to FEEL good(healthy) on the inside

  • Think more about your long term health and career and not just about the acute performance

  • Most athletes neglect the areas of strength, power, balance, mobility, and speed.

  • It isn’t always needed to massively prioritize your pre and post workout meals

  • You can stay fueled without relying on energy bars, powders, and other processed sources

“The trick is to be able to keep the body fueled without necessarily relying on franken fuels to do so.” BG @ 16:25

  • Its important to go out of your way to find convenient fuel sources that are more natural

“Chia seeds are fantastic; you mix them in water, they give you a slow bleed of amino acids along with fatty acids, and you can add some REAL honey to that..some sea salt..put it in water..or coconut’ve got a little more natural rehydration beverage.” BG @ 17:26

  • Cold exposure can be beneficial for stress resilience

“If you train yourself every single morning to hop in the shower and put it on the cold setting, take a deep breath and just let yourself flow, let your mind block any type of pain or discomfort, there’s a huge bonus there in terms of stress resilience.” BG @ 22:43

  • Heat has similar benefits to cold

“..trains your body how to shovel blood very efficiently around your body.” BG @ 23:22

“50 sharp and deep inhales...and each of those sharp and deep inhales is followed by a short and shallow exhale.” BG @ 16:19

  • Breath Hold Walks can increase your overall breath hold times
Listen ON-THE-GO (00:37:21) NOW -or- mobile via iTunes | Stitcher | TuneIn Apps!


Positive ways to hack your environment?
-Reduce the amounts of electrical signals to your body and increase the amount of natural light

-Replace your regular light bulbs that produce blue light ( which shuts down your ability to produce melatonin), with Warming Red Lights

Travel Tips?
After landing from a flight, sleep on a “Grounding/Earthing Mat


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